Vegetable Garden Stakes and Garden Markers

Published: 29th January 2010
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Hand Crafted Garden Stakes as Gardening Gifts

Suppose you or someone you know has finished up a vegetable garden patch. You make a decision that a gardening decor gift is fitting compensation as a reward for the hard work and dedication to complete the vegetable garden project.

Most gardening gifts are small inexpensive items like, gloves, shovels, spading fork, hoe, compost, and soil testers just to name a few. Instead of giving a tool as a decor gift, why not contemplate a garden d├ęcor item like distinctive handmade redwood vegetable garden stakes.

Vegetable garden stakes make a great garden accessory, and a garden decor gift that any backyard vegetable gardener will truly appreciate. Moreover, they make great gardening collectables.

There is nothing more appealing than gazing at a cultivated vegetable garden where all the vegetables are indicated with redwood stakes. It is not only beautiful; it is sure to be a huge hit. Keep in mind, the more one of a kind and stunning the garden stakes are, the more they will be treasured.

Although metal garden stakes are in some measure popular, there is nothing more striking than a garden marked off with hand crafted redwood vegetable garden stakes.

The redwood stakes have to be made from two pieces, a redwood rectangle block and a REPLACEABLE round 1/4-inch birch wood dowel (used for the stake).

The rectangle block is made from the high-quality finished redwood and it is sanded to a smooth finish. The redwood block size is: 1-3/8-inches wide x 4-inches long x 3/8-inches thick.

A multicolored graphic of the vegetable together with the vegetable name is transferred to the redwood block. The block is then treated with several layers of varnish to shield it from the sun and weather. For example, the block for the carrot garden stake has a crisp colorful image of a bunch of carrots including the vegetable name of CARROTS.

The replaceable 1/4-inch round wood dowels can be obtained at home hardware centers in lengths of three and four feet. One advantage of the replaceable dowel-stakes is that you can cut them to the exact length that you want. The most popular lengths are between twelve and eighteen inches.

You can use a hand-held pencil sharpener to slightly bevel the ends of the 1/4-inch dowel. The beveled ends make it much easier to insert the wood dowel into the redwood block and into the ground in your garden.

So, when you are looking to give a garden gift that will truly be appreciated for many years to come, consider giving distinctive hand crafted redwood vegetable garden stakes. These stakes are not only attractive, they will give the recipient many years of enjoyment when they gaze out over their garden. invites you to view handmade redwood stakes. We offer unique hand-made wood stakes. Consider a garden gift that will be treasured for years, visit:

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